New owner wants Trolley Square to become a local place to be

New owner wants Trolley Square to become a local place to be


VIDEO: New owner wants Trolley Square to become a local place to be

ARTICLE: Jason Nguyen

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH) - Trolley Square hasn’t been the same since a tragic 2007 mass shooting there. One local investor hopes that he can change that. 

Trolley Square has been around since 1908. 

In 2007, it became known across the nation. A man went on a shooting spree at the square, the economy sank and many of the shops had to close their doors. 

Now, 7 years later, the building is back on an upswing thanks to Khosrow Semnani. 

“I love this place. I know the risks are probably a lot higher than I would like them talking to you and from business stand point, but I don’t want to include that,” said Semnani. 

The self-made millionaire bought one of the most iconic symbols in Utah. 

“I don’t look at this place as simply a business venture. I look at it as something I like to do because it is part of my history in Salt Lake,” Semnani added. “We have to do some physical changes to the place in terms of repairs and upgrading and then we will be ready to go.”

The square will see a new L-E-D canopy. The fire place will become a water fountain. A grass area and concert venue will be added. Even the water tower will get a face lift.

“My vision of this place is really to get it back to what it was. A place for Salt Lake residents to go to,” Semnani said. “Big malls they have their own atmosphere. They are fine. They are beautiful places to go to. That’s fine, this is different.”

It will be different because it’s all local, and it is attracting local businesses like Alice Lane Home Collection

“The more that we as small business can look out for each other and support each other, high tide raises all ships, so if we can help each other and support each other everybody wins,” said manager Josh Bingham.

The Orem business invested in Trolley Square because of the location.

“We felt like it is a great fit for a mall that is making a turnaround and come back and to get in on the ground floor,” said Bingham

That's a recipe Semnani says will lead success.

“I think it is a community effort. It is not only my effort or Trolley’s effort; it is a community effort -- a neighborhood effort,” the owner added. 

Semnani says the neighborhood is ready to revive a vital part of the area. 

“They want to see this place renovated," he said. “They want to see this place revitalized, they see this as a center place an anchor place that can really help the whole neighborhood.”

Semnani also wants to add ease of access to Liberty Park by mass transit. 

“The market is here in my opinion. This is a unique market -- a family market. And it’s a very lively market with people who like being here,” says Semnani.

It’s a feat the business owner predicts will take 18 months to accomplish. Once finished, Semnani wants to move to phase two by putting in new apartments to make a complete package.