A look inside the changes coming to historic Trolley Square


VIDEO: A look inside the changes coming to historic Trolley Square

ARTICLE: by Holly Menino

(KUTV) Trolley Square's history dates back to 1847, when Brigham Young designated the area as the Tenth Ward. 

The area was later turned into fairgrounds and eventually used for a trolley car system.{ } Since then the iconic square has seen its fair share of ups and downs.{ } It recently faced bankruptcy, until a Utah man decided to turn it around.

Khosrow Semnani is a physicist by trade who made his money in nuclear waste management. He bought the bankrupt shopping center in 2013.

Originally, Semnani planned to buy the square and sell it for a profit, but a walk-through brought back old memories and a change of heart.
Semnani decided he would be the one to turn around the embattled shopping center.{ } Semnani is spending at least two million dollars on renovations. 

"Our plans, essentially, are to do everything possible to make this place come back alive again and be what people wanted it to be and they like it to be and that's what we're doing," explained Semnani.

A visitor's center and museum is already under construction. Crews are sprucing up the exteriors of the buildings and will add new lighting inside. Trolley's iconic water tower also got a facelift with new LED lights and plans to allow public access. 

Trolley Square is also adding a 15,000 square foot events center with six rentable spaces. All of this work is expected to be completed by June of 2015. You can also expect to see more new businesses and restaurants move in.