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Amy Walker: I'm Not a Salesperson Reading and Signing at Weller Book Works

If you are...

*an entrepreneur
*a small business owner
*a network marketer
*a sales professional 

who is passionate about a product, a service, or a paycheck, but are struggling to close deals, this book was written just for you.

For many people, sales doesn’t come naturally. It can be outside of your comfort zone and outside of your skillset. Yet it's one of the most lucrative careers available. Being successful in sales can give you financial freedom. It allows you to determine what you want your income to be, and go after it. You can truly determine how much you make. 

But first, you have a few skills to master. In The “I’m Not a Salesperson” Sales Book Amy Walker shares the secrets to sales success including finding the success zone for your personal sales. Walker defines the success zone as that magical place where your skillset, mindset, and activity are all strong. In The "I'm Not A Salesperson" Sales Book, you'll receive specific tools you can use to strengthen each of those three critical areas.

You’ll learn the critical skills to converting new clients while building strong relationships with clients and potential clients.

The “I’m Not a Salesperson” Sales Book covers…

*Tools to reset your sales mindset and set you up for success
*Templates for your most important conversations to build your own high-converting scripts
*The formula to overcome any sales objection with ease
*The psychology of sales, and how the best sales start with powerful questions

The “I’m not a Salesperson” Sales Book is your detailed guidebook to successfully closing deals, increasing sales, and building a solid foundation for your business.

Amy Walker is an executive business coach, professional speaker,  author and CEO of Amy Walker Consulting. Amy has been featured on Fast Company, US News and World Report, CEO World Magazine, DIY Marketers and numerous radio, print and television features. Amy has a BA in Linguistics, is a Certified Personal Mentor, and a Certified Body Language Expert. She has trained for companies like Lifetime Products, Parker Hannifin, State Farm Insurance, Utah State Bar Association, Department of Corrections, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, 3 Key Elements, doTERRA, Mary Kay, Scentsy and more.

Please join us for a reading and signing at 7 PM.