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Dale C. George, author of "The Device" Book Signing at The Machine Age

  • Trolley Square 367 Trolley Square Salt Lake City, UT USA (map)
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Friday, Oct 27th and Saturday, Oct 28th, from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, local author Dale C. George will be at The Machine Age to sign his new novel, The Device. The Device weaves historical fiction, science fiction, mystery and suspense into a time-traveling thriller. The unlikely hero is a man who has Parkinson’s disease.

About "The Device"

When George d’Clare receives the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, he and his wife Madison organize a support group. This noble endeavor eventually leads them to meeting a strange man with an incredible story – a captivating tale about a device that could transport a person into the future and return them safely to the present. His far-fetched account also comes with an equally fantastic offer: to help him in a daring plan to use the device to bring back the cure for the disease. Thinking the man suffers from dementia, George dismisses him as delusional. 

But when the strange man is later killed in a deliberate hit-and-run, the couple embarks on a search for the truth about the device, beginning with the perfectly-handwritten diary he left behind. They soon discover that they are involved in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase through time, whose origin dates back to the final days of World War II, and to a highly-classified Nazi operation, codenamed “Firebird.” 

Could there actually be a device capable of time travel? And if so, can George and Madison find it in time to stop the next phase of the inconceivable Firebird plan?