In May 2013, Trolley Square was purchased by Salt Lake City local Khosrow Semnani of S.K. Hart Properties. Semnani is working hard to return the historic center to its former glory.

Since Semnani took ownership, Trolley Square has already begun various renovations to maximize the center’s potential—updating its original structure, receiving new landscaping, and revitalizing the historic water tower with new LED lighting. Additionally, a new Visitors’ Center is currently under construction—a space for visitors to learn about the charming history of both Trolley Square and Salt Lake City.

New businesses continue to come in under Semnani’s leadership—including Cosset Bath and Body, Orangetheory Fitness, CorePower Yoga, and The Falls—a 15,000-square-foot events center.

An icon to Salt Lake City, Trolley Square has been both a cultural and retail anchor for decades. Just as legendary Wally Wright worked to transform the Trolley barns into a community gathering center, Khosrow Semnani has a vision to restore Trolley Square to the community-focused retail marketplace.